Killing [iN] the name of General Grievous – SWGOH Character Review


Team Instinct Review of SWGOH General Grievous: Abilities, Stats, Team Synergies, and Gameplay Videos!

The moment is finally here– SWGOH General Grievous is now available in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes as a shard shop exclusive character. With a rich Star Wars heritage like General Grievous has, there has been much anticipation about his arrival. Will SWGOH General Grievous live up to the hype? Team Instinct will walk you through the details of his abilities and where we think he will be most useful. More Video and Review will follow (as updates to this article) as we build up and test more Team Synergies.


  • 5th highest damage basic attack in the game which can’t be dodged or countered
  • AOE Health Down & Turn Meter Reduction
  • AOE Healing Immunity
  • Debuff Leadership Ability


  • Slow as shit
  • Leadership ability doesn’t slow down the speed/dmg meta that much
  • Low health pool when not paired with droids


  • Droid Team
  • Jawa Engineer + AOE Team
  • Assist / bonus attack characters: IG-86, Geo Soldier, QGJ, Fives, Phasma
  • Tanky characters with buffs when attacked for tactical retreat taunt chance: Fives, Savage Oppress
  • Old Ben




GG_Daunting Presence

CONTROL. Daunting Presence is the leader ability we want to slow down the current speed meta. By focusing on SWGOH General Grievous as our leader, we are committing to a slower, more controlling style of play.



GG_Furious Assult

RELIABLE. Furious Assault is a guaranteed hit. This is important because of how slow Grievous is; it guarantees the attack is something we can count on. Also, due to his speed, we will plan to pair him with Heros who have assist, so that Furious Assault will land on assist hits, allowing us to focus on using a Special when his turn is up.



GG_Grievous WoundsREACH. Grievous Wounds is a great utility against heal teams. We can shut down healer teams for a turn, and possibly finish off anyone low enough that was heavily damaged by an early attack.



GG_Sinister LaughPRESSURE. Sinister Laugh, finally an ability that mocks our “In Real Life” action as we cast it! This is what you want to be doing as soon as you can! Health Down to all enemies for TWO turns, with a decent chance of removing valuable Turn Meter! Game Over Jedi’s!



GG_Tactical RetreatDEFENSE. Our FIFTH ability! Tactical Retreat offers a Droid synergy bonus. Don’t like playing with droids? No Problem! If beefing up SWGOH General Grievous health doesn’t appeal to you with extra droids, how about a Free taunt on Old Ben? Or a Removal of Poe’s Expose? Lets throw in 100% turn meter for your taunting Ally as well while we are at it! Value!



STATS (Max 70)

Grievous L70 Max_1Grievous L70 Max_2



*In an effort to recreate a Defensive setting, video’s are shown in Auto attack mode. Since winning on Offense manually is not challenging in this game at the present time, we only found winning on Auto to be the most fair representation of acknowledging a strong team*

Assist Team (Video Below): 

The goal here is to survive speed teams by reducing their heavy damage through GG’s leadership ability. Once we get our turn, the multiple assisting attacks should cripple our opponent. As it turns out, the damage still game on too strong from speed teams, and our team was too crippled to make a dent.


Tank Team (Video Below):

Again, we want to weaken our opponents attack by having GG’s leadership reduce the incoming damage. With a mix of high health, and turn manipulation, this team composition was one of the more promising to be successful, however, the damage reduction was not valid enough to use GG in this group just for the leadership ability.


Old Ben (Video Above): 

Old Ben gaining Taunt from GG’s “Tactical Retreat” was very underwhelming. Whenever is happened, it wasn’t game changing, and from an example in the video above, it was quickly stripped away and provided an enemy buff through Qui-Gon Jinn.




Although we are still testing and grinding with General Grievous (and yes, it is very painful), the initial reports seem to be true. He’s terrible. The most “expensive” and elusive Hero in the game currently, is unplayable in top end Arena, and barely able to see play in Galactic War. Should he have been made to be over powered? Not necessarily. All we expected was a Hero that was able to compete in high end arena. “Well, maybe he is capable of being part of a droid synergy in high end arena.” While that might be possible, it’s disappointing to have this Character be so linear in a world where QGJ, Dooku, Royal Guard, Poe, Daka, and many more have the ability to mix and match without needing to be successful in one team type. We’ll need to see a buff to his leadership ability (is it even working?) before the General sees non linear game play. Do not waste your time, money, or energy into this joke of a Hero given his current maxxed status in the game.

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    Mar 17, 2016 @ 21:11 pm

    why would you do all this testing without him on a fully buffed droid team? the health bonus with HK lead, ig86, GS, and IG 88 would be off the chain!

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      Mar 20, 2016 @ 12:37 pm

      It’s in progress, just not enough “fully maxed” data yet to talk about. It’s something we plan to update on this article though! 😉

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        Mar 20, 2016 @ 21:00 pm

        I borrowed a guild member’s GG for use with my maxxed droids in some of the challenges, that’s where he really shines. Looking forward to trying out that squad in DS missions once they raise the level cap.

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    Chris Beeler Reply
    Apr 11, 2016 @ 20:16 pm

    I wish that as MUCH money $ as I spent and all the times I called with missing content and a couple of character shards to boot, but I have been getting discouraged with some of these so called UPDATES and glitchy game cheats and buffs and meter junk that makes this game too hard to not fall for the credit card scheme just to keep relevant and enjoy the damn game when you guys are Like the Starbucks of the APP STORE as far as off the wall money crap! I do enjoy the game. I just hate getting scammed for entertainment sake.