Killing [iN] the name of Count Dooku – SWGOH Character Review


Team Instinct Review of SWGOH Count Dooku: Abilities, Stats, Team Synergies, and Gameplay Videos!

The man we all love to hate… COUNT DOOKU! Team Instinct will walk you through the details of his abilities and where we think he is most useful, in the Leader seat! More Video and Review will follow (as updates to this article) as we test more and the game evolves.


  • Fast- Very Fast!
  • High % Chance of Counter Attack!
  • Great Against Jedi!
  • Leader Ability adds Evasion and Offense Up on Evade!


  • Not the hardest hitter
  • Low Health Pool


  • Evasion Team


Dooku Main Screen


Dooku_Hindering Press


AGGRESSIVE. Hindering Press is nothing short of aggressive! This attack has a chance to double up, and when assisting if involved, it can really add up! Not impressed? How about a decent chance to stun and or ability block Jedi!

Dooku_Force Lightning

CONTROL. Force Lightning is the terrorizing assault of the Sith! With Count Dooku coming out of the gates fast, he is most often casting Force Lightning to start the game off! Attempt to lock down a secondary thread, or use it to burst down the largest threat. Usually, there is at least one Jedi on the field that gets fried by Dooku at the start, neutralizing any threat they might pose early on.

Dooku_Master Tactician

DEFENSE. This is why we’re here! With a nice evasion increase, Dooku as leader seems to be where it’s at in a world of weak defense. If all teams are easily beatable, why not go with one that can get a slight random edge against your opponent by a lucky dodge or two? Oh, and why not be rewarded for you luck too- here’s some Offense Up!

Dooku_Flawless Risposte

GAME CHANGER. Flawless Riposte makes you think twice about your strategy when fighting Count Dooku. Can you risk attacking him without it being a One Shot? I’ve seen the game turn around from this ability, as one failed assist attack against Dooku can enrage him on a counter strike warpath- leading to 3 counter attacks (including one bonus from Hindering Press), followed up by Turn Meter gain which sends him into an attack with another possible bonus attack on the following Turn, when you might of expected another Hero’s turn.

STATS (Max 70)

DookuStats 1DookuStats 2DookuStats 3


With all the team testing, we found Dooku, Royal Guard, Geonosian Soldier, Yoda, and Rey to be the most effective composition. Here is a list of compositions we also found effective:

Member 1 (Leader): Count Dooku

Member 2: Royal Guard (Staple for the team. He is preventing your team from dying early increases your clock by allowing more chances to dodge through AOE against you, as well as providing stun to major threats.)

Member 3: Geonosian Soldier (Staple for the team. High DPS attacker with assist for all your team mates who have solid basic attacks. He is also not easy to One Shot)

Member’s 4 & 5:

Yoda (Great Utility. Basic adds a free Dodge. Masterstroke provides AOE to kill off enemies hiding low behind Royal Guard. Unstoppable Force can reduce the Turn Meter on a major threat. Battle Meditation can spread Foresight or any other buff to the team, and make your Royal Guard virtually immune to taunt removal.)

Rey (High DPS, usually able to One Shot an enemy threat. Provides Foresight to herself to increase effectiveness of Offense Up from Dooku.)

Qui-Gon Jinn (Able to removal taunts and provides another assisting attack.)

Old Daka (Adds to the stun control, and usually forces the enemy to attack her first. It’s dangerous to allow Daka to get a successful resurrection off!)

First Order TIE Pilot (Strong DPS that can close the game out quickly. While he is easily One Shot, he has higher survivability under Dooku’s Leadership.)

Resistance Pilot (Strong DPS with the ability to gain Foresight, increasing the value of evading.)

Game Play Video:


Note in this video, I play Offense with the team in review, as well as play against the same team, using a different squad. Another interesting aspect of this team, as seen in the video, and from what I’ve experienced over the last week of testing, the Dooku Evasion team is likely to win on full auto, whereas other teams will fail.



To recap, winning on Offense is not hard. It’s pretty much anyones game. Sure, Jedi Speed Teams can be tricky to play against and there is some chance of defeat, but for the most part, everyone has an equally fair chance of winning on Offense. How do you get an edge in a world of equal? If you think the answer is luck, since you have no control over defense, then Count Dooku leader is right for you! Get the 15% chance edge that your team will dodge an attack, and swing the game around in your favor. With a mixture of evasive, high dps, and controlling Heros, your team under the slithering Leadership of Count Dooku can be one that will leave your opponent highly frustrated!

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    Fábio Reply
    Mar 27, 2016 @ 4:38 am

    I am using Ewok Elder in this composition. 100% revival chance with 40% health. Generally RG is the first to be killed, he comes back with 7k HP. Plus, heal with 30% revival chance and debuff removal.

    Daka you can wait to kill after the biggest enemy’s threat. Elder not.

    Dooku (L), RG, Elder, Rey, GS

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    Apr 4, 2016 @ 22:16 pm

    Since Meta upgrade, all top 10 is using Dooku as Leader as his evasion leader ability is really helpful.

    When i put Dooku as Leader my #1 rank remain untouch as long as 6 hours before which never happen when i use other leader

    Dooku (L) , Rey , GS , QGJ , RG

    Another character that people should consider is Old Ben as leader as his leadership ability give 25% meter on evasion, which can be upgraded to 30% on level 8

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      Deathcoyote Reply
      Mar 29, 2017 @ 17:18 pm

      No they aren’t… what cheesecake shard are you on??? All are using ZAUL or QGJ or the occasional Rex. That’s not even the biggest factor. It’s the speed mods alone especially when a EP is stacked to the gills with potency. His mass stun being able to affect an entire team is what’s wrong with the game balance as it is and that high speed secondary stat mods are near extinct except for the whales.