SWGOH Galactic War Guide: How to Win Everyday


Public Service Announcement: SWGOH Galactic War is Beatable (and we’ll show you how!)

There has recently been a surge of questions and comments on the forums relating to SWGOH Galactic War. Many players are challenged by the difficulty and frustrated that they are not always able to reap the rewards of completion.

Many have debated over the intention of the developers when creating the SWGOH Galactic War gameplay mode. Some say that Galactic War should be able to be beaten by most or even all players, and that setting the difficulty at too high a level would reduce players’ enjoyment of the game.

Others contend that SWGOH Galactic War is meant to be a test of a player’s character base, and that only the strongest players with the deepest bench of strong players should be able to survive.

SWGOH Team Instinct Members have discussed this issue at length. As a leader in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, it was only appropriate that the Team took a stance on the issue, and after a great debate we have concluded while both of the above arguments have some validity. However, the official stance of SWGOH Team Instinct on this issue is:

Don’t Care


That’s right. We don’t care what the devs intended. Maybe it was supposed to be hard, or perhaps easy. Maybe they created it on accident, or maybe the idea was stolen from a failed Polish sci-fi drama from 1982. We really don’t care and won’t spend any time debating it. We can only guarantee you one thing:

SWGOH Galactic War is beatable by any player, and we are going to show you how to do it!


General Strategy

The strategy of Galactic War is very different from other gametypes. It requires different character types and different team setups than Squad Arena, Cantina Missions, or Campaign Missions.

Whereas other play types require more focus on damage, burst, and focus fire, Galactic War requires endurance, strategy, and tactical execution.


Meet the Characters

You may have heard rumors that Team Instinct players have all of the best characters unlocked and maxed out. Well…………….that’s pretty much true. We like to cruise around with our maxed out Leias, Old Bens, Qui Gon Jinn, Darth Maul, etc.

However, in order to make a more helpful and thorough guide and to show that Galactic War isn’t “impossible to beat,” we are going to show you how to do it using only farmable characters. That’s right–our guide to beat SWGOH Galactic War will use characters that anyone can obtain, so without further delay let’s see who we will be working with. The team will use 3 healers: Barriss Offee, Luminara Unduli, and Jedi Consular. The last two slots can be filled with whatever suits you, but in this guide we will fill it things that we find either fun or humorous. So today we’ll use CT-5555 “Fives” and Jawa. For sure, they aren’t the best in the game, but they are easy to get and good enough for Galactic War.

I chose fives because his blaster is cool (why does it change colors though?) and Jawa because I find it ironic and satisfying to destroy the most fearsome forces in the galaxy with a little Jawa. But you can use whatever characters you like or have geared up.


SWGOH Galactic War - Barriss OffeeBarriss Offee (Leader): Imagine you are going to cook spaghetti.  When you start out, the spaghetti will be in the box as spaghetti is when you buy it. In this state, spaghetti can actually be quite dangerous, and if it is broken, can break into sharp shards that could cut you or even cause a splinter. Now imagine that you have started to prepare the spaghetti. Once you put it into that steaming water, it will no longer be dangerous. Now it is soft and starts to lay at the bottom of the pot. If you neglect it, the spaghetti may even stick to the pot and will become so weak that it might even rip as you try to unstick it. Now imagine you are able to get such a piece of spaghetti unstuck from the bottom of the pan and cool it (but still wet). Would you try to use that spaghetti as a weapon to defend yourself it attacked? Hell no! IT DOES AS MUCH DAMAGE AS A WET NOODLE!!!   …….. The point is—Barriss doesn’t do much damage, but she is a good healer, so we will use her. If you want to learn more about Barriss and her skills, you can find more info from our friends at SWGOHCantina. Shards Available at:

  • Cantina 6-A
  • Dark Side 5-C Hard
  • Dark Side 5-E Hard


SWGOH Galactic War - LuminaraLuminara Unduli: Luminara is a bit of a hybrid here, as she actually does damage that isn’t terrible. She will help every now and then with ability block and a little burst here and there, but mostly she serves as an “oh crap” button if we need a good heal. Her heal has a long cooldown so we will try to save it for desperate situations.Shards Available at:

  • Galactic War Shipments
  • Light Side 3-D Hard
  • Light Side 6-A Hard
  • Dark Side 2-E Hard


SWGOH Galactic War - Jedi ConsularJedi Consular: He doesn’t hit very hard but he is a great healer. This is our bread and butter healer for Galactic War. Just put him in. Enough said. Shards Available at:

  • A bunch of missions, cantina, etc.


SWGOH Galactic War - FivesCT-5555 “Fives” : This is a bit of an unusual choice, but I like the way his blasters look, and since I’m writing this article I decide what we use! He has a good counter attack and lots of health. Meh. Not terrible. Shards Available:

  • Cantina Shipments, several hard missions


SWGOH Galactic War - JawaJawa: The last character is the most feared entity in the entire Star Wars Galaxy. Slayer of thousands of Jedi and Sith alike, he moves through the shadows with the a quiet calm, ready to strike out at any moment. Ok really though…obviously Jawa isn’t a top pick that you would expect to see at a high level play. But the point is he is an average character that anyone can farm. Shards Available:

  • Multiple Cantina Missions, Hard Missions, etc.


How to play the Team

Shoot stuff and hit it with the lightsabers, and then heal every now and then. That’s it–hope you enjoyed the article!

Not really. To be honest, there isn’t much to say about how to play these characters in particular, but there are some general concepts that we will follow to beat the entire SWGOH Galactic War.


Phases of SWGOH Galactic War and A Code to Live By

I know that ended with a preposition, and I know you don’t care, but I didn’t have anyone else to tell (it to).

We will divide each round of the Galactic War into three phases, each of which will have distinct goals and objectives. The terminology we will use are:

  1. Burst
  2. Stabilize
  3. Recovery


We will also follow these Rules/Code:

Rule #1: NO ONE DIES

Rule #2: If JC has his heal up, use it. Unless everyone on your team is at (or very near) full health.

Rule #3: After you beat SWGOH Galactic War, you have to act really cool like it was easy and no big deal so all your friends will be impressed. But really we know that there is a lot of strategy that goes into succeeding at this part of the game.

We will go into detail in the video about what to use when but here is an outline of the basic idea of each phase.


Phase 1: Burst

Phase Goals: The goal of this phase is to remove the biggest threats from the opposing team. I will give an idea of some big threats and a ranking of who to target first. In this phase, the goal is to remove turnmeters from the opposing team and reduce their ability to deal damage and debuffs to your team. The priority targets will be the ones that are most disruptive to our strategy. Here is the order of targets we will follow:

Priority 1: Darth Sidious (blocks our heals, enough said)

Priority 2: High damage dealers with assists

Priority 3: High damage dealers without assists

Priority 4: Stunners

Priority 5: Other De-buffers

Priority 6: Support

Priority 7: Tanks

Priority 8: Non-Barriss Healers

Priority 9: Barriss Offee

As you go through the video we will follow this order. If we vary from it, we will try to explain the exceptions.

Abilities Used: During the Burst Phase, we will use any and all cooldowns to do the maximum damage per turn possible while still keeping our team alive. If there is a decision to finish off an opposing character or heal a non-urgent damaged character, we will attack and kill first. We need to remove as many of the opponent’s turn meters as we can as quickly as possible.

Abilities Not Used: Try not to use heals unless absolutely necessary

Target Selection: We will focus fire threats in the order listed above.


Phase 2: Stabilize

The line between the Burst and Stabilize phases is sometimes blurry and often the only thing that delineates the boundary is that you have blown all of your cooldowns. Usually once you have removed the biggest threat(s) from the opposing team, you are entering the Stabilize phase. The goal of the Stabilize phase is to further reduce the damage capabilities of the opposing team to a level that is equal to or less than the rate at which you can heal your team. During this phase, killing blows are not quite as critical, but removing the opponent’s ability to deal damage is. This could include debuffing the opponents, removing advantage, stunning, slowing, etc.

During this phase we will start to use heals, and if needed we will use our Barriss heal and Luminara heal (JC heal will be used throughout). By the end of the Stabilize phase, all of your team should be at or near full health, and there should be 2 or maybe 3 opponents remaining.

Abilities Used: Stuns, slows, any short cooldown burst damage. Big heals (if needed)

Abilities Not Used: Long-cooldown damage abilities (cooldowns 3 turns or greater)

Target Selection: We may use some focus fire, but not exclusively. We will sometimes switch targets and/or split damage for tactical advantage.


Phase 3: Recovery

In the Recover phase we will try to deal as little damage as possible. That is not a typo. The goal here is to keep our team at full health while at the same time resetting all of our cooldowns so that they can be used in the next round. As a result, it is our goal for our characters to take as many turns as possible before defeating the enemy team. This will ensure that all of our cooldowns are ready to go for the next

Abilities Used: Basic attacks only (unless you have something weaker!)

Abilities Not Used: ANY COOLDOWNS (but keep following Rule #2 with JC’s heal)

Target Selection: We will use split damaging and target switching in order to maximize the enemy’s survival, playing with them like a cat plays with a mouse or like mouse plays with a wet noodle.


Repeat or Celebrate

Repeat these steps, and you will probably win until you run out of chests to open. When that happens, you have beaten SWGOH Galactic War. I say you will probably win, because as we all know, a portion of this game is based on RNG and there is always a chance that Ugnaught will crit your whole team for 151,646,849 damage. There are some other tips and tricks in the video that aren’t all listed here, but this text covers the major strategy components. The key to “Repeat and Celebrate” is that after you beat Galactic War, you post online about easy it was. Even (and especially) if it was actually really hard and you barely won, never tell anyone! Tell your friends how easy it was and how good you are at this game. And then only after they agree and say you are their idol, then maybe you can show them this guide and help them learn how to win as well.



Hope you enjoyed this–that’s all for now,


Team Instinct



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    TheJanitor Reply
    Jan 28, 2016 @ 23:01 pm

    Pretty much the strategy I use. However, one thing that I’ve found useful is having characters with abilities that don’t cause damage during the recovery phase. Using Greedo’s Thermal Detonator or Finn’s Hold the Line can give someone else an extra heal from Barriss, or get that extra cooldown turn in. I don’t care if I don’t have these available early next round, and there is something satisfying about actually using Greedo’s special attack.

    • img
      Terry Noonan Reply
      Mar 15, 2017 @ 4:46 am

      I am at level 78, but I have never finished the Galactic War. It keeps getting more and more difficult. I have tried the above advice, but I always end up facing an unbeatable team at stage 10. I didn’t even get past stage 9 yesterday. It is really frustrating.

  • img
    Jan 29, 2016 @ 8:18 am

    Very nice. I only use 2 healers and have no trouble. Great video man

  • img
    Jan 29, 2016 @ 20:58 pm

    I’ve gotten through using 1 team with one healer…. but near the last two battles had to swap out healers as HP’s get too dangerously low

  • img
    Jan 30, 2016 @ 17:29 pm

    I find best combo is 3 best Jedi healers, poggle, FOTP. I can get to the 5-4 last fight without losing a player, further if you try retreat a few times 😉

  • img
    Jan 30, 2016 @ 19:30 pm

    This is a great article Rheen! Fun read! Thank you 😉

  • img
    Amnor Reply
    Jan 31, 2016 @ 5:25 am

    Great guide!
    Ive been using those 3 healers in GW since I started in early december and I have never had any issues with completing GW, neither before nor after recent changes.
    My last 2 guys are also farmable – Dooku for stuns (esp for shuting down Lumi) and Daka for even more stuns (I use her on Sid and tanks mostly) plus extra emergency heal. I even had to use her revive skill once when facing p2p deck.

  • img
    Smite Reply
    Feb 12, 2016 @ 20:44 pm

    Why not using your arena team for the last 3 boxes?

    My maxed out fo team easily kill whatever comes in their way. Even with not all buffs available in every last round. For this team there is no recovery phase as they one hit most of the enemy team with there basic attacks. Even a nerfed Poe (-444 health) will survive.

    See you on th flipside,

  • img
    Tee Goobs Reply
    Feb 17, 2016 @ 18:05 pm

    I have used this same strategy successfully, thank you for posting.

    It may be interesting to some to note that the effect of retreating changed about a month ago, and with it I believe the nature of the challenge has changed. What used to happen was that if you lost a team member, you could retreat and then fill out the empty spot on your team with another character, with the effect of continuing the battle where you left off. When you restarted the match, the health status of the opposition remained the same (e.g. any of the enemy team you had defeated would remain so, as would each character’s health status and cooldowns, on both sides). This resulted in being able to eventually beat the opposition (if you aren’t strong enough to do so on first go), but having to work through your squad player by player to do so. By not retreating before the end of the match, you lost all 5 characters.

    Now, in my opinion, they have made it far easier to complete the galaxy war every day, and even so with one team start-to-finish. It’s an all-or-nothing scenario when you finish the fight — you either win, or you lose all 5 team members. However, now when you retreat, it’s a much more forgiving scenario… unlike before you get to start the entire match over again from the top, and don’t lose any characters; even if one of your team members has died during the match. You will notice however that if you proceed step-by-step the same way, you will have the same results. This gives you a good opportunity to test your battle strategy — if the stun didn’t work on Sidious, maybe it will work instead on Poe (etc). It also let’s you learn which combination of players work best against a variety of sets of opposing teams, especially as relates to speed and how to counter imposing scenarios you may encounter in Arena. For example, this is how I learned to stifle a Poe-expose or a Leia-stealth threat with the one-two punch of Dooku’s stun, followed by Yoda’s “unstoppable force” turn meter reduction, giving plenty of time to finish off either character before they’ve even had a turn. Previously I had always gone after Sidious first (which I still do in many other cases, only that he’s much better at dodging both these abilities which can leave you playing catch-up).

    Point is, even though the final victory in the War is perhaps a bit less gratifying since the challenge isn’t as imposing as it once was (or as is for me anyway), I believe it functions better now as a testing ground among your abilities, different team members, and battle plans.

  • img
    Feb 18, 2016 @ 17:42 pm

    I’ve only completed the GW once and I got lucky to be fair. I read your article yesterday and followed the lineup you gave. I don’t everyone fully maxed yet. Whenever I came up against a really tough opponent I used my reserves to whittle them down. The team I used was Barris Lumi JC Vader and Kylo. That we the team that did most of the heavy lifting and I even though I had one go through my roster toward the end I finally completed a GW. First time in weeks.
    Thank you.

    • img
      Feb 18, 2016 @ 19:25 pm

      Congrats on your successful GW completion! Glad you found the article helpful.

      • img
        Feb 20, 2016 @ 0:32 am

        I saw recently that some new members were added. I had put in my application a couple of days ago. Was I not approved or passed over. I didn’t include my screen shots on it. I can send email to you via LINE if need be.

      • img
        alex8ove Reply
        Nov 13, 2016 @ 19:33 pm

        So this was posted before the patch that made it much harder. Does it still work cause now with Rey crushing people with 1 blow and sidious dodging constantly, it’s much harder. I was winning daily before that update with 2 healers and a total Jedi team

  • img
    Mar 3, 2016 @ 13:34 pm

    I run a Phasma led GW team with Lumi, Bariss, Daka and Sid but employ much the same strategy. You just have to be more judicious on when to pop the heals since they’re all on much longer cooldowns than JC.

    The extra attacks from assists on Phasma’s leadership ability with Daka and Sid give an added bonus with stuns and heal immunity which I like plus I don’t necessarily have to reset if I lose one toon until after Daka takes a turn at reviving. If successful, just heal up and continue, saves a great deal of time with fewer, and often, no resets.
    Phasma being called for assists when she has Advantage also provides a lot of damage.

  • img
    CryHavok Reply
    Mar 3, 2016 @ 16:12 pm

    I guess this stray only works if you have your team maxed out. My A team are all 59 4 stars and I’m coming up against level 70 teams 5+ stars. No chance.

  • img
    Mar 3, 2016 @ 22:31 pm

    I lol’d. The only difference in my team from this one is instead of jawa I use sidious. Otherwise I wise its the exact same team. Half the time I can auto battle and still not lose anyone. This team is extremely resilient and can beat virtually anything with enough time, and come out with full or near full health.

  • img
    Fearless Reply
    Mar 7, 2016 @ 1:22 am

    I have had no problem winning GW until I reached level 55. I now have to defeat level 63 or level 67 teams. It is impossible to defeat 8 to 10 teams that are 5 to 10 levels ahead of you. I would like to see a video of you accomplishing that.

    • img
      Tee Goobs Reply
      Mar 7, 2016 @ 11:01 am

      I think that for those who are just leveling up now may be at a disadvantage. Those of us fortunate enough to level up with the pace of the game (when levels were capped lower) didn’t really have to face squads that far ahead of us.

    • img
      Placek Reply
      Feb 16, 2017 @ 15:42 pm

      It became too difficult now. The teams you have to play against have too high level advantage.

  • img
    Inglorious Bastard Reply
    May 31, 2016 @ 9:09 am

    CONGRATS MAN you are fucking great…..this video will solve all my troubles : ) Gratitude !!!!!!

  • img
    Ratpack Reply
    Sep 18, 2016 @ 13:04 pm

    I’m curious. Your final battles had Level 65 opponents. I always am up against level 80 on the final 2 battles as well as the 9th and even in the 6th on some occasions.
    Any thoughts as to why this is?

  • img
    Andyistic Reply
    Nov 1, 2016 @ 18:51 pm

    So as good as this article is, it needs to be updated because so much has changed since February.
    Now characters have armor and them freakin’ mods to enhance their abilities and health.
    Let’s see your same team take on the new style of enemy.

  • img
    don Reply
    Nov 2, 2016 @ 10:58 am

    ya i have that same problem used to win all the time now teams that i am facing a so far ahead just can compete

    • img
      don Reply
      Nov 2, 2016 @ 10:59 am

      i can sometimes go through 4 teams and still not win

  • img
    LordGoldenrod Reply
    Dec 2, 2016 @ 10:26 am

    Used this strategy today w/ Boba,Sid,Lumi,JC ,Asohka and destroyed it. Many thanks. Had a tough time with GW so far. Tomorrow I may be able to collect the 10/10 GW reward.

  • img
    Zane Rutilus Reply
    Dec 13, 2016 @ 21:32 pm

    My most effective combo yet has been Darth Sidious as leader for the critical chance and critical damage leader ability, darth Vader with as many potency mods as possible to ensure he gets as many dot’s as possible then 1 shot with his saner throw, JC for mostly just healing, RG as my tank because of how effective of a tank he is, plus that high chance stun is unreal. Lastly, and arguably keystone to my team is a maxed out darth maul. His critics synergies with Sidious ensures that without killing anyone yet, he can have about a 60-65% chance that every hit will be critical, going up to almost 90% after 3 kills. He is a such a good sweeper when he is invested into ESPECIALLY against jedi opponents. In GW, he 1 shots most jedi opponents when getting a critical with exception to Old Ben and a maxed out Windu, not to mention Sidious gets more hits in with his sadistic glee ability. In all reality my GW team setup is about as much burst and sustainted DOT with JC and RG to constantly stablize and heal. Maul’s and Sidious’ self heals are a great boost too

  • img
    Placek Reply
    Feb 16, 2017 @ 15:40 pm

    I don’t know how it was back then, but now it is too difficult. It is not possible to defeat squads of characters that have more than 10 levels advantage.

  • img
    thelebk Reply
    Feb 17, 2017 @ 23:35 pm

    This article is extremely disappointing. It advertises that anyone can beat SWGOH Galactic War and then proceeds to use very specific characters, at very high star level, with very high gear level. Uhhhh most players don’t have these characters or anywhere near this gear or star level. Please produce a strategy for galactic war which applies to most players in this game, That means:

    1) No more than 2 healers and Barriss Offee IS NOT one of them
    2) Max of 5 star characters but at least two should be 4 star
    3) Max gear level of V

    I will be particularly interested, if you follow the parameters above, how you will beat the periodic opposing groups that are 5 levels higher than you, with higher star level and gear level. You will have characters dead before you can get off your first heal. Good luck.

  • img
    Dan Reply
    May 4, 2017 @ 18:06 pm

    Could you update this since a lot has changed in terms of combat, toons available, etc? Somehow my shard went from in my neighborhood to been playing at least 5minths longer than me. Certain teams I handle ok, but Zader, Emp, TFP, Baze, and GenKen just aren’t even a team to test. Sometimes exchange TFP for Bariss and still, nothing works because she heals/dispels every turn, and you basically can’t let any of those characters have a turn.

  • img
    Dogamidstwind Reply
    May 25, 2017 @ 15:49 pm

    So, I choose to do something completely different and have ever since I started getting a little firther. Initially, it is clear sustain is a big part of the gw, which is what it relies on. However my tip is that if you want to beat it easier, make a couple different teams that you gear, level, mod, etc. Until they are just under your 5 highest power characters ( believe the dev’s confirmed this somewhere) because he difficulty is based on your top 5 power characters. Regardless of synergies. So I suggest making a wedge/Biggs rebel team with sustain from wedge, a Palpatine lead dark side team ( palp, vader, Sun fac, rg, tfp), a clone team ( Cody, echo, gives, seargent, and leia, which is the best team currently for phase 4 of the aat), and any other team that heals well, and keep them geared and just under the power of your top 5. Use each team on the first couple of nodes to get the most turn meter, then I usually use my clone team for node 5-9 or 5-11, and then when they die my dark side comes in, then wedge biggs… usually a extremely easy win. I even use my rancor team ( teebo, qgj, dengar, tusken raider, rex) as an extra team too.

  • img
    Underverse Reply
    Jul 31, 2017 @ 23:25 pm

    Currently lvl 73 and the last three days I keep running into lvl 85 maxed out teams. Hate hitting a Darth Nihulus led sith team mid war. Today got to last battle and it was. General Veers led trooper team that just slaughtered me.