Stealth…Can it be viable in SWGOH Squad Arena?


SWGOH Squad Arena - Nute

Welcome to Team Instinct’s guide on Stealth in SWGOH Squad Arena.  My name is EwokRampage (My picture is on the left) and I will be taking you on a mystical journey on how to acquire and use stealth in SWGOH Squad Arena.  The main thing you need to remember is that as with most of my posts this is all theoretical and not actually tested in the game.  However, I will provide the stats and information to prove that this build could in fact work and be viable in top tier SWGOH Squad Arena.





Let’s go over some basics on how stealth actually works.  There are three different ways a unit can stealth.

  1. Having a percentage chance on one of their skills that puts them into stealth when they attack.
  2. Having a skill that is dedicated to putting them into stealth with 100% accuracy.
  3. Having Teebo as the leader and going into stealth at the start of a units turn.

When you are in stealth an enemy can’t target you unless

  1. Hit you with an aoe attack.
  2. Hit you if you have the taunt buff on your unit.
  3. Are the last remaining member of your team.
  4. If your entire team is in stealth, they can target you.

This leads me to my next point.  Having your entire team be in stealth means none of you are in stealth, so it really defeats the purpose to try and make an entire team that stealths up.  So this will not be a guide on how to make an all stealth team work, because it never will. Now what stealth is really good for is preventing high damage single target attacks from killing your glass cannons.

After scouring the list of players that have the stealth ability it is pretty clear who the big gun is that you want to protect, Leia.  Now she did get a fix recently that changes her max number of basic attacks to 3 instead of 4.  This is significant for this build and I will show you why later.  Without further ado I present the stealth team:

SWGOH Squad Arena - Nute 2SWGOH Squad Arena - LeiaSWGOH Squad Arena - PhasmaSWGOH Squad Arena - PoeSWGOH Squad Arena - Quigon

Leader – Nute Gunray – Stealth focused critical hit attacker with a thermal detonator.

Damage – Princess Leia – Rebel character with stacking critical chance and rebel synergies and stealth abilities.

Support – Captain Phasma – High-damage First Order support that can grant allies many extra attacks.

Tank – Poe Dameron – Resistance Tank with a Taunt that inflicts Expose for big reversals.

Damage – Qui-Gon Jinn – Versatile attacker focused on generating extra attacks.




The goal of this build is to turn Leia into a stealth machine gun in SWGOH Squad Arena.  Each character plays a part in boosting Leia so that she can tear through the enemies. Lets first look at how the turns and skill usage play out


So right off the bat Leia goes into stealth while on defense.  Lets look at that skill first(thanks to swgohDB for graphics! Check it out, it is a great site)


At 70 this means Leia on the first turn has Stealth, +25% crit damage, 55% chance for an Offense up just from her skill.  Now lets check out the other buffs she gets from Nute’s Leader Skill


At 70 this means Leia also gets 55% crit chance in stealth and every critical hit gives her 25% turn meter. You can see now how crazy her damage is becoming.

To prevent Leia from getting slaughtered before she can stealth we throw Poe in the ring to hopefully get his taunt off.  This buys your team time to give Leia the buffs she needs.  Qui-Gon is here to remove the taunt from the opposing Poe, or remove any other buff that is concerning.  When he does this he gives offense up to the entire team.  Phasma goes last giving advantage buff and extra turn meter.

What is great about using Poe and Phasma you can almost guarantee that Leia will be going first in the second round of attacks. So lets do a total of all the buffs on Leia when she starts attacking at turn 14.

Stealth, +25% crit damage, 25% crit from her own attack, Offense Up, Advantage, 55% extra crit chance while stealthed, 25% turn meter gain after each crit.

Now before the patch you could, theoretically, attack 4 times kill someone, attack 4 times kill someone, attack 4 times kill someone…until the entire enemy team is dead.  This could be as early as turn 14.  Alas, this time as passed and now she can only get 75% turn meter every time she attacks. Even after she guns down a lot of the enemy team you have qui-gon with offense up, crit chance up, advantage, and a 25% of recalling Leia…which would boost her turn meter so not only would she be doing boosted assist damage, she would go again right after Qui-Gon.  Nute is no slacker either he has 100% crit chance while in stealth and will more then likely do that on his first basic attack.  Phasma then does his aoe slow making Leia go even more often then she already does.

Versus Current SWGOH Squad Arena Meta

This build is very dependent on Leia not getting killed before Poe taunts or she can stealth.  It is entirely possible you get unlucky and geo soldier and an opposing Leia gun yours down, then you lose.  However the AI has a habit of not focusing on characters and more then likely you should be able to get your Leia into stealth.

There is also FOTP/Rey who can dispose of your Poe extremely quickly making it hard to get Leia buffed and ready to roll if they take out Qui-Gon or Phasma.

While it is not the most consistently great team, I think it is a strong one that on offense has a great shot of taking 1# spots and also turning the negative of Leia stealthing on defense into a positive.







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    qingming Reply
    Jan 17, 2016 @ 2:25 am

    Great! I have thought of using Nute Gunray as leader before, but it is all stealth hero. This is excellent except that I don’t have Leia.
    By the way, Captain Phasma doesn’t fit. It’s better to use Rey or FOTP to increase the damage, or use old ben to control.

    Plo Koon is the weakness, so is Asajj Ventress. However, old ben or Luminara Unduli is the counter to Ventress. Ventress’s speed is 86 and tenacity is 9%, which is sad.

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      Flash Four Reply
      Jan 18, 2016 @ 21:20 pm

      Captain phasma could fit here based on his turn meter affects. He speeds your team up giving advantage as well as slow the other team down. This team is a speed stealth combo.

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    Jan 18, 2016 @ 15:50 pm

    Great post.

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    Apr 4, 2016 @ 22:29 pm

    Leia is a real fast and furious character, im building heroes to make her more invincible

    Nute (L) , Leia , Lando as Main Roster
    then u can use several combo
    Tank: RG / Stormtrooper Hans / Poe — in Order of preference
    Healer: Luminara / Asoka– in Order of preference
    additional Attacker: FOTP / GS / QGJ

    my most favourite composition is Nute (L) , Leia , Lando, RG, GS

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    Jeremie Reply
    May 23, 2016 @ 5:57 am

    Instead of Phasma, I think it would be better to use 5555’s

    – You get counters + Speed down on basic (double tap if Omega’d)
    – Assist can call Leia for massive damage (2 assist in team)
    – Tank if things go south