SWGOH Suicide Squad – The Team of Misfits


SWGOH Suicide Squad

Let me preface this guide by again saying this is a theoretical SWGOH Suicide Squad that has not been maxed out by me.  I am only providing insights and statistics to show how a team such as this can be valid contender.  My name is EwokRampage and I have done quite a few guides for Team Instinct.  I like to think in terms of team compositions, the weirder the better.  If it includes characters that never see the light of day in normal play? Even better.  Does it it have underlying unique theme that is funny, but also not too shabby in the arena? Perfect!

In the current meta there is a familiar team composition that almost all high ranked teams are using that include Poe and 4x dps.  There are slight variations to this, but that is pretty much the meta at this point in time. Nobody has been able to provide video proof of losing the poe coin toss and getting a more then 50% chance of winning versus a maxed out team.  This guide will not show you that team either! Haha! But it will show you something entertaining that I will guarantee will confuse anyone who is fighting you in the arena, at least for a minute or two.


I present the SWGOH Suicide Squad!

obiwan mace RG bobba hk

The idea behind this team is that it will confuse the enemy since they don’t want to kill anyone.  These characters are usually always the person you leave to kill last on their respective teams, but what happens when all the misfits are put together? Well you get the Suicide Squad!  Lets go into more detail about why each character was chosen and also what about them makes them so annoying to kill.




Old Ben – He is the leader of the SWGOH Suicide Squad.  It seems like the only way to avoid the current meta of the a single dps killing your people with one attack is avoiding it all together.  That is why Old Ben’s leader skill works so perfectly here.


What makes Ben so absolutely annoying to kill is his unique skill that buffs his entire team with every buff imaginable ensuring he will be killed last on any team.


So in conclusion he gives everyone good evasion/turn meter gain and will be killed last on your team, looks we are off to a good start.




Mace Windu – Yes you thought you would never see him in any of my guides, but here he is.  Usually garbage in almost every other team he actually works quite well here.  The enemy has to choose between attacking him and have the entire enemy team get a free turn or again leave him alone.  This is the skill I am talking about.


Not only does Mace have considerable health but since this team has two people that give def buff’s he almost always has a strong basic attack to use and also has a debuff to remove poe’s taunt.




Royal Guard – Many of you probably have his shards and have opened his character screen for a moment to move on to something else but Royal Guard actually has a lot of things going for him and one very unique trait that nobody else in the game has.  First off his unique skill gives his already crazy high 19730 health a huge boost by 44% at the start of the fight.


You will notice he has an auto-taunt that occurs regardless of whose turn it is when an ally goes below 30% health.  This is key to fight against high speed characters because that gives RG the ability to taunt as soon as one of his teammates goes low.




Boba Fett – He seemingly revives forever on defense.  Very annoying to teams who like to one shot people.  Also provides a perfect opportunity for RG to taunt after a revive.



HK-47 – He also revives.  Think of him as another Boba Fett.


The goal of this SWGOH Suicide Squad is to confuse your opponent to make them attack the wrong target.  If they get lucky they kill Boba without him reviving and RG doesn’t taunt.  If they choose HK almost guaranteed revive and he has more health then Boba Fett so he will probably take up two attacks just to be killed.  If they attack RG good they have to go through a whole turn to kill him.  If the kill Mace our team gets a whole turn for free. If they kill old Ben first well then they just don’t know how to play the game.

Alternate Versions –  Another group that could work very well is Kit Fisto being the leader to give tenacity and defense for Jedi.  He has a ton of health himself and is very annoying to kill with counter.  Keep Old Ben and Mace.  Boba Fett does have less then 13k health so he may be killed and his revive isn’t that amazing so you can take him out along with HK.  In HK’s spot use Jedi Guardian.  Yes Jedi guardian is extremely slow, but that is okay because not only does she have crazy health, she also has extra defense from Kit and will soak up a ton of hits if people try to kill her since her unique skill gives her 40% bonus defense.  So lets tally up her defense shall we?  194 Base + 35 from Kit = 229 + 25% from def up = 286 + 40% from unique = 400 Armor which is not too shabby.


So in conclusion the SWGOH Suicide Squad is another fun team you might want to try if you have pieces leveled already.  Will it dominate arena creating a new meta? Nope.  Will it be fun to use and confuse people who attack you? Yes.  Will this team finally give you a chance to get your rocks off to Mace Windu actually killing someone? Absolutely.


Thanks again to swgohdb.com for the graphics go there to check out stats for all the SWGOH characters!


-[Team Instinct]EwokRampage

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    Feb 2, 2016 @ 9:21 am

    Fun Read!! Now, to pump some tier 3 & epics into mace… Haha

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      Feb 11, 2016 @ 19:46 pm

      Seems since the last update mace unique ability changed completely. .. now he has expose chance at each turn and no more heroic sacrifice first off. .. wtf? Lol… secondly. . It just figures this would happen after I check this team and start building him up for maybe this and also my 5th jedi needed at 7* for getting yoda.

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    Feb 2, 2016 @ 10:03 am


    I wish I had enough purple mat, gold and gears to use that team. Sounds fun.
    By the way, I would kill Boba, then Hk first, then mace (who care if royal guard and ben get a free turn ^^)

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    Feb 5, 2016 @ 15:24 pm

    Very entertaining read

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    Feb 6, 2016 @ 18:29 pm

    I’ve run across a very similar comp to this in GW. Didn’t find it too hard to beat but I did have to think about who to attack and in what order.