About SWGOH Team Instinct

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Heritage and History

Founded December 2015, Team iNstinct considers itself to be the top guild competing in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes today.  Our ranks include the games most accomplished players and the best up and coming talent


SWGOH Team Instinct Culture

Team iNstinct is open to all nationalities, races, cultures, and religions, as evidenced by the diversity of our members.  We value the differences among us which fuel our success and enrich the tight-knit family we have created.  While these differences define us individually, binding us together is a singular commitment to be the game’s very best.  Along the way we deliberate, celebrate, and laugh together as “brothers and sisters.”  The team is greater than any member.



Team iNstinct is made up of an elite group of players that strategize for long-term success.  We take pride in our determination, positivity, and competitive achievement.  Each member is expected to adhere to the team’s strict code of conduct to protect the team’s growing reputation and ensure its continued success.

Any failure on the part of any member to adhere to our code of conduct will result in disciplinary measures and possible expulsion.  Under the code of conduct, the following will not be tolerated:

  • Scamming, cheating, or hacking
  • Lying
  • Selfishness
  • Authoring, supporting, or forwarding any communication that disrespects, misrepresents, or unfairly tarnishes the reputation of any individual
  • To learn more about the benefits of Membership, check our Membership Page

As the game and team grow, other rules and policies will be considered.

What is the Definition of a Team?

A team is a collection of players who have joined together to create a mutually beneficial relationship with each other.  Many teams are created by people who are friends outside the game, while other  teams are created by players who have become friends in the game and want to pool all their resources together.

Team Benefits

As a team, we have joined together to pool our collective knowledge and build friendships.  Membership carries many benefits.  Members benefit each other by sharing ideas regarding squad building at the highest levels of play, hero leveling, resource maximization, anticipated game balancing and additional features, etc.

To learn more about the benefits of membership, please visit our Membership Page

Team Ranks

  • There are various ranks in a team. From lowest to highest rank, they are Associate, Prospective Member, Member, Officer and Leader
  • When you first join a team, you automatically enter as a Prospective Member. To move up in rank, you must meet certain requirements and fulfill certain obligations.
  • Members can only be recruited based on internal selection criteria. Some criteria are public and some are internal.


Definition of an Leader

From its perceived founder a team takes its name. The team Leader is the representative of this founder, and represents the team as well.

Historically the principal function of the chieftain was to lead his clan in battle on land and sea. The chieftain was, at one time in the Celtic lands, an influential political character, who wielded a large and often arbitrary authority.

“Historically the idea of a chieftain was to submit his dignity to the arbitrament of it’s Court of law. The chieftain was the law, and his authority was derived from his own people.”


Current Public Requirements to be Part of Team Instinct

We have high expectations of ourselves and of each other.  To be considered for admittance into the guild, you must be Player Level 65 or above (subject to change as game progresses).  In addition you must be willing to commit to the following upon admission to the guild:

  • Adherence to team policies and rules
  • Being loyal (multi-clanning will not be allowed under any circumstances)
  • Being a positive, active, team oriented, and dedicated player
  • Being active (unjustified inactivity will get you removed from the team)
  • Ready to learn more about membership? Click Here!

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